New Homes

Design – Build Contractor

The traditional method of adding an addition or building a new home, means meeting with an architect to discuss your dreams and then preliminary drawings are done. Next, meet with the architect again to finalize your ideas. Then, get bids from contractors. Next, meet with the architect again to change your drawings because all the bids were too high. Meet with the contractors again to rebid, decide on a builder and then finally, after all this time, begin your project.

How would you like to run your project???

What is Design-Build?

Design/Build involves collaboration between yourself, the Architect/Designer and the Builder from the very start of the project. Instead of the Architect/Designer designing a project with the home owner and then getting several bids that you hope will fit in your budget; everyone works hand in hand to assure that the project stays within budget.

What is Design-Bid?

Design/Bid is the exact opposite. The home owner hires an architect or designer to design their project. Architects design to the owner specifications and ideas. They do not always consider or understand the costs of converting the dreams into reality. When the plans are done, several thousand dollars into the process, the plans go out to bid. Now begins the process of trying to manage the budget to reality. Sometimes for tens of thousands of dollars.

How does Design / Build Home Remodeling or Renovation Work?

It is best to hire a contractor and architect at the beginning of the process, establish a budget and a scope of work, get a fully detailed contract/estimate and then work with the designer/architect to design the plans to fit your budget and contract. To take full advantage of the process, the homeowners needs to have a strong understanding of their budget and be prepared share this information with the builder and architect. Many home owners don’t want to disclose this information, but as the homeowner, this process is about negotiating and communicating to get the most for your money.

The Design/Build team includes an Architect/Designer and General Contractor who work together to bring the best of both worlds to your project. As the client, “YOU” drive the team to realize “YOUR” dreams because your ideas drive the design, material selection and budget through a collaborative process. Your team is there to advise you with design ideas, potential costs & problems, scheduling and to manage execution.